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Hello everyone, today’s renovation is for all your unique wood furniture addict out there! I often don’t work on unique wood furniture in a good way to deal with sand and name it a day, so this solid walnut dressing table located on the beach is a pleasure. I really like the natural nude wood image of AU, but I don’t believe that unfinished wood furniture can be really unprotected. If you use your furniture like I do, you don’t want to worry about spills, stains, dirt or any other disaster. My maintenance is very low. Right, not the most ingenious. Delete jobs as quickly as possible.

I hope this article starts a conversation about how to preserve unprocessed and unfinished wood furniture until create unique wood furniture by own self, because I like this toilet table, and once I seal it, it’s darker than I expected. Maybe some of you have some product suggestions or tips for me or someone else. 🙂

This is what I started. This is another great job I found. If you missed a post about my big furniture score and last week’s ‘ High School meeting ‘, you can read it here.

I hope I took a picture if it was 100% polished, but there’s only one–it’s only partially varnished. Here’s what the toilet table I polished with 80 sand sands looks like. After all sanding is done, it is even lighter.

Let’s Start

There’s a close-up below. This flat water based Poly is based on three layers. Be in love with this… Really! But as you can see, the top layer of light, as it never was before. As far as I know, there is no upper layer of the product, no deepening or darken the appearance of the wood. Whether wax, water-based poly, hemp oil, tung oil or shellac, wood “enhanced ” protection.

Resource list:

  • Vintage Stained Toilet Table-rescue
  • Clean tsp
  • Grinding Parts
  • 80, 120 and 220 gravel sanding paper
  • Palm Sander
  • Full JAVA gel Coloring in general
  • Dead Straight/Matt Poly
  • Store towel and Sponge brush applicator

Equipment Pull-recovery daily table renovation:

  • Toilet table Drawer internal and external cleaning with TSP
  • All the old stains Polish with piece sander and 80 sand sandpaper
  • Palm Sander with 120 and 220 grit
  • Painted legs painted with GF Java gel
  • 3 floors are sealed on plain water
  • Modified Hardware
    Tip: A smooth or dull finish for the appearance of unprocessed or unfinished wood furnishings is natural. In addition, it is best to avoid oil-based polyurethanes because over time amber.

When it comes to staging, I want to tell you what I found. Gidgy, I see the wooden ladder I saved when I walked in yesterday! Full seven meters high, full of great texture! Used as a lattice for wisteria or some kind of climbing plant.

Let me know what you think about this walnut dresser renovation… Or a fan of wooden furniture. Also, if you have any product or clue to protect your natural wood, feel free to shoot!
Have a creative and inspiring day with friends!