Wooden furniture painting is good. But When you should avoid it ?

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Wooden furniture painting is good topic today. If you are DIY ‘er, paint your furniture for a long time, I’m sure someone will open your mouth and gasp in breath,’ Oh my God, you paint the wood ?! Why are you doing it?

Riiiight gives you proud Show them what your job looks like after spending 6 hours drawing it.

It’s not the best feeling in the world.

In fact, after this kind of criticism, you will feel very bad. I mean, we all know that solid wood is a universal symbol of high-quality furniture, and painted on the surface of the paint? gasp!

Try to arrange, you can dare.

True, the truth about wooden furniture painting

It’s not the end of the world.

If you like wooden furniture painting, paint-it can be rid of it now.

Most of the time that a piece of wood furniture occupies some kind of storage space or somebody’s road space, and you (Awesome DIYer) see its potential and apply new life to it. We really should get such a green price, eh?

🙂 But in some cases you should not paint furniture. Since the paint can be professionally stripped of wood and metal (or you can peel yourself), the amount of time and cost can be astronomical.

In addition, it can destroy some valuable things.

Let’s talk about it, all right?

Is There Time When Do not Paint Wooden Furniture? Yes, there it is. Before jumping into the project, you need to consider these situations to make sure you are doing the right thing.

Here you should put down painting with brush and walk slooowwwly.

If Granny Rolled In Her Tomb If she knew you were drawing pictures of her grandmother, who would your people?

Maybe he likes every time you think you could have a brush, you’re afraid, your grandmother will hit a brush hand. If you can not leave it for the vine, leave it alone. You may pay someone Peel, and then get it dirty again, back to the original beauty. Or, if you want to try stripping and dyeing yourself, see how my posts Peel furniture and stains.

At least, Grandma will smile at you instead of waiting for you at the gates of heaven :).
If you’re using the wrong color, Hold IT! some colors are simply not for furniture (like this rust-coated sulfuric acid). When we first started painting furniture, we thought we could use any type of color and get a lot of results.

It’s not true.

He never painted a friend of furniture, I have a great idea to paint this beautiful, expensive chair with a black rustoleum of colors, probably not for furniture.

The result? A terrible black peeling paint that destroys the wood. Finally she hired to find out if I could have Peel. Phone call! It was hard work to get the black color out of the crack of nature.

With regard to pigments in black pigments, some parts of the wood are dyed.
So, what is the best furniture to paint? In the last few years, the choice of many furniture colors exploded completely. In the past, you had to go to the sand … But now, you do not have to do it, as long as your surface is smooth, it is not a slit. As long as the surface is clean, most color furniture (including the chalk-calcium-carbonate paint) holds almost anything: wood, glass, metal, plastic, masonry.

And they can also be used internally and externally.